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(.x.)Ma Wee Darlins(.x.)

These lassies r klass like luv yas tunz xxxxxxxxx             (.x.)Jh+Lm+Am(.x.)


This is laura she is such a klass lassie like...ive no bn muckin bout wi her 4 long but we hav got rly close in the time we hav bn a can tell her anythin and a no she wud kep it 2 herself...she is luvin paul prongle jus now n they r a match made in heaven lolol.... anyway babes luv u millions ur such a klass lassie XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX (.x.) Jh + Lw (.x.)


This is eesh wat can a say she is such a brill lassie a luv her 2 bits...shes such a klass lassie a can go 2 her wi ma problems n a no she will b able 2 help...ive new her 4 ages but only rly started muckin bout wi her n im glad a did shes allways there 4 me..shes luvin euan the now so gd luck wi tht hun:P anyway babes luv u millions xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (.x.)Jh+Am (.x.)