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This is jus a few pics o laddies a hink r quite nice wudnt ya say lol n a few tht a hink r very sound



This is ross hes such a klass laddie like.....hes funny as fuck...hes ma wee smokin buddy eh ross :P lol. Hes single n lookin so get in there;)LOL. Anyway luv ya tunz pal xxxxxxxxx          (.x.) Jh + Rs  (.x.)


Dungo is such a brill laddie like a luv him 2 bits...ive no spoke 2 him in a while but wen a do we hav a gr8 laff...a think hes single jus now so get in there girls hes a gr8 laddies :p luv ya tunz hun xxxxxxxxxx

Well wat can a say bout this laddie lol hes sound as fuck lol hes a gr8 laff...ive no spoke 2 him 4 tht long but a still luv ya 2 bits babes :p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         (.x.) Jh+Dm (.x.)


This is euan lookin like a rite chav lol...hes a raj like but sound as fuck...hes luvin eesh  the now so hope fings work oot wi tht:P anyway ur a rly sound laddie luv ya tunz xxxxxxxx oh aii n euan she does like ya :P

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